Tips that will help you overachieve in promoting affiliate products

Tips that will help you overachieve in promoting affiliate products

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So you decided to promote affiliate products via email. Before we start boosting your chances to make the sale…

Imagine this…

You subscribed to the newsletter and got the first message.


Thanks for subscribing to my email list

Here is your freebie

I think this product will be interesting for you too


Ask yourself…
Why did you subscribe to the newsletter at all?

If you are like me…
You wanted to learn something, to get some freebies that will help you in your online journey.

But… in this case
The owner of the list doesn’t care about you.
They only want to sell you their (affiliate) product/service via email.

After this welcome email…
Will you buy the product?
Will you continue to read their emails?

If you want people to read your emails and to sell affiliate products with them, follow these tips:


When writing your emails or copies, remember this:
No one wants to buy products for hobby
People buy when they want to solve some problem

Quit trying to sell products!
Seriously, you are a marketer and not a used car salesman.
Selling isn’t your job.


Because marketing and selling are different
Leave the hard selling to the shady used car salesman.
As a marketer, your job is to discover your prospect’s burning problems…
…Then show them how your product solves that problem.

One of the most important things you must do to achieve success online as an affiliate is to build a solid relationship with your subscriber.

Building a relationship is important because it can make the difference between making a sale and losing it to your competitor.

If you had to choose between a friend who provides a service like a car repair and a stranger who offers the same price, what would be your choice? Of course, you will choose your friend.

Why? Because you’d rather give HIM trust and money compared to another stranger.

Email marketing can be quite competitive at times.
Many marketers promote the same products simultaneously in their email campaigns. Here the marketer who builds relationships with subscribers is in a better position.

Take, for example:
There is a massive lunch online. High ticket items are being sold. Tons of marketers everywhere are sending emails to their subscribers. Some of them would be offering bonuses to ‘bribe’ their customers to buy through their affiliate link. Sometimes, three or more would be pitching the same offer with similar value.

You should ask yourself: Why should your subscriber buy from YOU instead of other marketers?

Because if you have built a strong relationship with your subscribers, they will be on your side. People are loyal. If you treat them as a friend, they will treat you as a friend.

People look for connections, friendships,
They look for something to solve their products
They will not buy from every random link in their email.


Before I promote any affiliate product, I buy it.
I saw its basic offer and if it is worth promoting. Some vendors promote a lot on the sales page and don’t offer anything in the primary offer.

When someone buys such a product from you, they will stop trusting you. They will never buy from you again
Do you want this?

If you promote warrior plus or ZVzoo products, buy the basic product. These products are less than $10. If it is ok, promote it; if not, ask for a refund.

Some vendors allow you to test the product before the launch if it is the case, test it before you start promoting it, and see if it is worth the money.

When you buy it, you know the product and explain all the features and benefits in your email.

And Third…

When you promote affiliate products via emails, don’t just put links in the emails and copy/paste the company’s affiliate emails.
90% of them end in the spam folder

Because many people use them as they are
Please write your email with your subject line and put your affiliate link in it

In this way, you know the product, you are helping others with it, and you can earn at the same time.

To conclude…

Never promote anything without testing, using, or seeing it.

As a marketer, your job is to discover your prospect’s burning problems.
Then show them how your product solves that problem.

Do this by showing…
How your product alleviates their pain or suffering.
How your product makes their life easier or faster.
How your product increases their happiness levels or reduces their stress levels.

The most common reasons people buy relate to:
– Making or saving money
– Acquiring more time/saving time
– Escaping pain
– Enjoying more pleasure
– Obtaining increased comfort.

So don’t waffle on about product features and pros and cons.
No one cares about what your product does.
They care only about how it benefits them when they use it.

Here’s the deal…
95%+ of people who click your affiliate links / view your sales page don’t convert into sales because you failed to solve their problems.

In your email, you have to tell them that you had the problem before, you solved it, and how