How NASA represent its mistakes as success

How NASA represent its mistakes as success

Apollo 13 - learn from mistakes

After the successful launch, the spacecraft Apollo 13 and its crew were going to the Moon. However, on April 13th, 1970, an explosion ripped apart one of the spacecraft’s oxygen tanks and crippled its power supply. What had to be a routine mission became a heart-stopping race for its astronauts’ survival. Finally, after four days, on April 17th, the three astronauts were home after a life-threatening ordeal.

There were manufacturing and testing mistakes before Apollo 13’s flight that resulted in the oxygen tank’s wiring exposing itself and losing power. A spark from one of these exposed wires caused a fire, which destroyed one of the tanks and damaged the other. As a result, NASA modified the spacecraft with improved wiring and an additional tank. Decades later, Apollo 13 was presented as a “successful failure” that demonstrated the ingenuity and tenacity required to get three men back to Earth after a life-threatening struggle.


If NASA can represent its failure as success, you can express your mistakes as a success too.

We all make mistakes while working to reach our goals.
However, we have to analyze them and improve our work continually
We need to learn from them instead of quit

Quitting is easy.
The hard part is to recognize the mistake and improve it.

Let’s say you want to promote some affiliate program and you are a newbie
You don’t know where to start

So you pick the product/service YOU think will perform well on the market.

Now you have three options.
To start promoting your affiliate link directly
To use the promotion your mentor created for you
To create your own promotion and start building your list.

And normally, because you are a newbie, you will start promoting the affiliate link directly.
It is easier, and you think the money will follow if you show people the product YOU believe is the best.

And you start to promote
And promote
And promote…

And if you promote on social media, they restrict your accounts because they don’t approve affiliate links.

If you promote products from warrior plus or JVzoo directly in safelists and viral mailers, they will withdraw your approval. There will be many clicks without payment, which will ruin their reputation.

If you promote to your friends, they will not be interested in the product as you are

The result

You will lose your social accounts, you will be banned from warrior plus and JVzoo, your friend will think you are crazy, you promote a product they don’t like, and you will earn nothing.

Now you are frustrated, and your first thought is to quit.

It is the easiest solution.

You will quit doing this, and you will continue with something else.

But there is another way.

To transform your failure into success.


To find your target audience, start building your sales funnel and your list.

Now, you know that by promoting the affiliate link, you build something else’s list.

By promoting your landing page, you will build your list and promote other products on it later.

You can transform all your failures into success only if you don’t quit after your failure.

success failure

I loosed my Pinterest account by “mistake.” It apologized to me after two months. I was persistent and contacted the support all the time. If I quoted, I would never get my account back. And I worked for months to build followers and join boards on it.

I worked for one “millionaire” who didn’t pay me. But I learned a lot from him. The knowledge I gained helped me a lot in my future work (more than the money I lost because he didn’t pay me)

I paid one guy to “mentor me” He took the money and forgot about me. So I lost them, but I didn’t quit. I learned to check the people I pay in the future. This saved me a lot of money. So If I didn’t lose the money for mentoring, I would lose much more on other stuff in the future.

As you can see, I analyze my mistakes and learn from them. Then, I do my best to move forward and don’t do them again.

You saw that what was supposed to be the third space mission to land on the Moon ended in disaster. But NASA learned from its mistakes and presented it as a “success” by getting three men back to Earth after a life-threatening struggle.

You can learn from your mistakes too.

Think about your failures
What mistakes did you make?
How did they affect your work and your results?
How can you move forward?

And most important, find the solution
Don’t quit!

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