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Hello! I Am Elizabeta Kuzevska.

I am one of the few copywriters who focuses on REAL buyers and how they’re different from everyone else.

Let me show you how my “Persuasive Copywriting Blueprint” can boost the performance of your marketing strategies


 You need a copy of all types to promote your products and services. It would be best if you had someone like me. Someone who knows how to write persuasively and who understands marketing principles


As a Sales-Oriented  Copywriter specializing in writing copies for real buyers I can write your


  Email Campaigns

  Lead Magnet Pages

  Sales Letters


  SEO Blog Posts


…tailored to your real buyer and ideal customer to Turn Your Biggest Challenges into more $ and success..


Why me?


Because of my extensive copywriting background, especially with affiliate marketing (which is tougher than most people realize), I’ve learned copywriting tricks and persuasive writing I believe could help multiply the income you generate. 


As a result


⇒ Real Buyers will get your messages


⇒ You will have a better conversion rate with A/B testing on your subject lines, email copy, and CTAs 


⇒ You will get more open and click rates with persuasive emails.


⇒ You will get high-quality work, up-to-date practices, up-to-date writing skills,


⇒ I speak your language… I can make your message powerful, so your customers understand!




My ultimate goal is to help you increase your sales through writing to real buyers and subscribers’ awareness stage.


You also have the advantage when hiring me because I have more than ten years of experience with Web Marketing and Digital Marketing at a deep level and a passion for copywriting.


I will help you increase your sales and Effectiveness with a 

  1. Persuasive Copywriting Blueprint, 
  2. Right Marketing Strategies, and 
  3. Sales Funnels.


1) My Persuasive Copywriting Blueprint is the method I use to assist you in discovering what is most important to you. It is designed to help you increase sales, enhance conversion rates, and see a more substantial effect on your marketing efforts.


Persuasive Copywriting Blueprint is the three pilar process.


Traffic: You will improve your conversion and deliverability. With compelling sales letters, lead pages, upsells, and emails with power words, spam-free content, and tested deliverability, you will reach more customers.

Conversion: You will get more engagement in the sales letters, lead pages, upsells, and better open and click rate on your emails because the right subscribers will get the right message at the right time

Value: You will get more sales because  all types of copy will have evocative, compelling, and informative content

2) Right marketing strategies take into consideration the Customer Life Cycle.


The Client’s Life Journey is every customer’s path to making a purchase. it has five stages. 

– awareness 

– consideration

– purchase

– retention 

– loyalty  

And I use emails and copies to enhance conversions at every point of this Customer Life Cycle.



3) Sales Funnel

If there’s one thing most everyone knows about building a successful business, you need to create a sales funnel. Simply put, you won’t get rich selling just one product. Instead, you need to:


  • Bring people into your funnel with an enticing lead magnet.
  • Get them to hit the order button with a “no brainer” tripwire.
  • Turn them into repeat buyers with your core offer.
  • Increase the transaction amount with an upsell.
  • And then sell something else to them on the backend.


Let me create your funnel now.


You will have all the benefits below in email campaigns because

  •        I can develop and manage A/B testing campaigns for continuous program improvement.
  •        I can support list management and segmentation strategy with a data-driven approach. 
  •        I can monitor list health and offer strategy to maintain and improve, including implementing routine list hygiene measures.
  •        I can support behavior-based triggered automation campaigns to promote hyper-targeted messaging.
  •        I can work closely with an email service provider (ESP) to troubleshoot, optimize, implement change requests and submit and complete support ticket requests.
  •        I can work with internal and external data management resources to understand the comprehensive data flow process and be able to identify issues and troubleshoot.
  •        I can ensure promotion codes and fine print conditions are in place and accurate. Ensure landing pages are complete and accurate.
  •        I can stay abreast of email best practices, including deliverability, segmentation, mobile experience, and engagement.
  •        I can analyze KPI reporting, and identify and share key learnings with the marketing team. 


Let me show you how together we can make a difference with YOUR company.


Stop leaving money on the table by sending the wrong message to the wrong prospects. Contact me now. I’ll show you how to escalate the performance of your ads, emails, landing pages, and more

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