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I am Elizabeta Kuzevska

Let me ask you…

Would it be worth promoting with compeling sales letters and upsells...
Would it be worth sending persuasive emails, that will promote your product/service...

…Without having to think about it?

Some companies lose lot of money every month because they don't promote with sales funnels and email marketing.

Fortunately, you can enjoy raising your income promoting your product/service with persuasive email campaigns and sales funnels that put your company as an authority on the market, leaving the whole job to a skilled copywriter.

The best part?

You won't invest an arm and a leg to get the profitable campaigns.

I am different from many other copywriters because I am a marketing consultant and sales funnel creator too.

My Persuasive Copywriting Blueprint is the method I use to assist you in discovering what is most important to you. It is designed to help you increase sales, enhance conversion rates, and see a more substantial effect on your marketing efforts.

Persuasive Copywriting Blueprint is the three pilar process.

Traffic: You will improve your conversion and deliverability. With compelling sales letters, lead pages, upsells, and emails with power words, spam-free content, and tested deliverability, you will reach more customers.

Conversion: You will get more engagement in the sales letters, lead pages, upsells, and better open and click rate on your emails because the right subscribers will get the right message at the right time

Value: You will get more sales because all types of copy will have evocative, compelling, and informative content

Don't lose money on the table. Book the call and let us discuss your sales funnels and email marketing approach

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Copywriting services

I can write your welcome email series, transactional emails, retained emails and sales copies that engage readers and convert them into buyers.


Affordable And Interactive Courses

Be an expert in your field. Every course covers a specific topic. You will learn many practical tips, and you will scale your business faster when you implement them. There are additional reports, step-by-step videos, and assignments in every lesson in the courses.


Consalting Services

Here is what You can expect from the consalting.
Proven Marketing Strategies and Tactics
Proven Copywriting Strategies and Tactics
Personal help to find and overcome your customer's internal Roadblocks / Objections and much more


Digiatal Products

Get access to useful ebooks, guides and resorces on afordable price. Ascelerate your work and reach your goals faster with these proven digital products

The Latest Affordable And Interactive Courses

Guaranteed Success

Limitless learning, more possibilities

All products are proven and tested and you will get guaranteed results using them

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