How to Create Incredible Welcome Email

How to Create Incredible Welcome Email

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If you write the email campaigns right, you will earn for you and your clients a lot of money.

Do you know why?


The Email marketing ROI is $36 for $1 spent.

The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day exceeds 306 billion and is forecast to grow to over 361 billion by year-end 2024.

Email Marketing drives more sales than social media marketing. For example, 60% of customers say they have purchased something because of the marketing email they received vs. 12.5% who bought it due to the social media campaigns.

Email Marketing helps you reach customers faster. 

21% of the sent emails are opened in the first hour of delivery

Email Marketing Segmentation helps Marketers who used segmented campaigns to get a 760% increase in revenue.

Nowadays, Businesses are investing rather in email marketing than in other channels.

Now that you’ve seen some email marketing statistics consider what email can do for your business?

These email marketing statistics prove that you can raise your income with a good marketing strategy.

  • In addition, email marketing will help you strengthen the relationship with your existing customers and increase your number of customers.
  • Email marketing will bring you a lot of money when doing it right.
  • You will have your list and the traffic that you can control.
  • You can segment your list and send emails when you want

And everything starts with the welcome email

A welcome email is the most open and click email of all your emails

It is your first and most crucial chance to introduce yourself and convince the reader to open your future emails.

It’s an art form to create unique welcome emails that make subscribers feel more comfortable and excited. However, by following a few simple guidelines, you may immediately increase the quality of your emails and other messages:

1) Express your appreciation and excitement in being able to welcome someone.

For example:

  • 1. Greetings, and welcome to the gang! We’re delighted to have someone with outstanding taste among us (obviously!). You picked us!)
  • 2. Hola! We’re thrilled you’ve decided to join us (brand name). We adore all of our customers, and you are no exception!
  • 3. As a token of our appreciation for your presence, we offer you a (%) discount. So have fun and share the love!

2) Include characteristics and information about your recipients to personalize the message.

3) Demonstrate the advantages of joining your company or supporting your brand. Show them how to use the most significant resources and tools.

4) Keep it simple and direct.

5) Offer assistance and solicit suggestions.

6) Explain what will follow and what the subsequent step will be.

7) Make a solid call to action (for instance, in the form of a button)

8) Keep in mind to make your messages visually appealing.

9) Start promoting your offers without hard selling

Here are some excellent examples of the welcome emails

See the first email from Rebbeca Matter



The welcome email from Justin Goff

justin welcome email


Analyze the welcome email you got when you signed up for my newsletter too 🙂


Starting today, pay attention to the welcome emails. Create a folder of the welcome emails. Analyze them. See if they have all of the above elements.