5 Minute Method for Getting Unstuck and Profit

5 Minute Method for Getting Unstuck and Profit

Getting Unstuck

You’ve got several great ideas on what to offer your customers, but you don’t know which one to do first. And now your indecision is causing you to stay stuck rather than move forward.  You need something for getting unstuck and profit.

Here’s a quick 5-minute method that will show you which idea to act on first. This is the same method I use, and I find it’s highly effective at weeding out the bad ideas and zeroing in on the good ones that will quickly earn me a profit.

If you’ve got all of these ideas in your head, you’ll never figure it out. That’s why you need to write each one down.

Then for each one, answer the following questions and assign points accordingly, rating each answer on a scale of zero to ten:

First Question: How much do your customers or prospects want the product or service? 

0 – They don’t really care if they have it or not

5 – They’re interested but will need convincing

10 – They can’t wait to buy it, or they feel like they MUST have it right NOW.

Second Question: How easy is it to get this product or service elsewhere? 

0 – Super easy. It’s already everywhere

5 – Not easy, but definitely available

10 – NO ONE is offering this product or service

Third Question: Can you PROVE you can deliver the promised results?  

0 – Nope – customers will have to go on faith that the product works or that I can perform the service

5 – I do have some evidence to back up my claims

10 – I have PROOF – clear, indisputable, 100% guaranteed PROOF

Now, each idea should have three numbers by it, ranging from zero to ten. Multiply these three numbers, and the idea with the biggest number is the one you should start on first.

By the way, this is not only for getting unstuck but is also an excellent way to detect a product’s weakness and fix it. For example, if you don’t have any proof, you will have to get some before you can begin marketing the product.

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