How to communicate with your subscribers using an autoresponder

How to communicate with your subscribers using an autoresponder


When you communicate with your subscribers via autoresponder, your emails need to be as sent 5 minutes ago.  

Your subscribers have to expect them and want to read 



You have two ways to communicate with your list 

Autoresponder triggered series 


And you can set and forget the autoresponder triggered series for every offer  


Imagine this… 

You create a freebie and an autoresponder series, and as time goes on, you keep adding email messages to it. Pretty soon, you have many messages in it or enough content for about seven months.  

And when someone signs up, they will start from message 1. Then, after 5-6 months, they will still get your messages about your offer regardless of the season. 


That is why your autoresponder series need to be with evergreen content. They need to sound as written 5 minutes ago regardless of when your subscriber will get them. 


Don’t add time, personal stories, and events in your autoresponder series.

You can’t send black Friday emails in June, Christmas emails in August… 

You can’t send an autoresponder email where you speak about your baby and the broadcast the next day telling your subscribers your only child is five years. 

You can’t send emails mentioning events like playoffs or elections connected with specific dates. 



Don’t mention trending news in your autoresponder series. 

For example 

 There is a new gym I found yesterday in my neighborhood. It is different from other gyms because…. 

 The gym may close after several months, and your subscribers will know that your emails are outdated. 



If you tell them magnesium can help them with … 

You can use this email forever. Because magnesium would help them last year, today, next year…. 


Everything trending and connecting with dates, events, and personal stories you should send in the broadcast. 


You will tell them the news and engage them.  


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