Tips for Reset Password Emails.

Tips for Reset Password Emails.

Reset Password Emails

Password reset emails are the most common transactional emails.

You can’t imagine a SaaS company or a membership site without an email about a forgotten password.

At first sight, these emails look easy, and the company owners take them for granted.

But password reset emails are tricky and sometimes can confuse the user of the SaaS app or the membership site.

These emails aim to help users enter the member area of their accounts. When writing your password reset emails, you have several scenarios.

  • It can be an email to help them to reset the password.
  • It can be an email informing them their password has been changed or
  • The email informs users that their password has expired and they need to change it.

As you can see, the password reset email’s goal can vary, and you, as a business owner of a SaaS company or membership site or as an email copywriter, need to have all these emails connected with separate triggers.

Now let us see the above scenarios.

The user forgot the password and can’t enter it in the app or membership site. ( which is the most common case)

With your email, you need to help them create the new password and re-access their account.

You need to offer them additional help, and your email has to be friendly and supportive.

When we want to reset the password, we get an email template like these.





Let us analyze these password reset emails.

Are supportive?

No, at all

What if the link doesn’t work?

There is no link to contact support. There is no disclaimer to ignore the request if someone else tries to hack your account.



How will you feel if you get this email without requesting a password reset?

What will be your first thought when you read, “If it wasn’t you, please disregard this email and make sure you can still log in to your account”?

In your password reset emails, you need to convince the user their data are safe. There no “make sure you can log in” they must log in, and your support team must help them to get access to their member area.






These are better emails, but they don’t have any support links.

What if customers have a problem with the links?

What if they don’t request the password reset and want to ensure everything is ok with their data?

How will they contact support? There is no link to the support desk nor a mention of replying to this email if they have additional concerns or questions.

click funnel


This is a great password reset email. It contains all the necessary elements the password reset email should have.

But as a persuasive copywriter, I studied people’s behaviors. And they need to feel safe, everything to be easy for them, and feel they have support all the time. If they didn’t request to reset the password, make them feel safe with your email. With your email, you need to convince your customer that you took all necessary actions to secure their account and their data are safe.

So, in my opinion, this password reset email should be

Hi ( First Name)

Forgetting things nowadays is standard—especially passwords.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you access your account without problems

Just click the link below, change the password, and you will be in
Link or button

If you have additional problems, here is the link to copy/paste it in the browser, or email us/call us/chat with us ( according to company support mode)

We are happy to assist you because you are our top priority customer.

You can safely ignore this email if you didn’t request a password reset link. Only a person with access to your email can reset your account password.

Thanks for being part of our community

After changing the password, they need to email them that their password has been changed.


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