Email Campaigns according to the Client Journey

Email Campaigns according to the Client Journey

client journey

The Client Journey is the path every customer takes to make a purchase. It is divided into five stages.  

 – awareness  

– consideration  

– purchase  

– retention  

– loyalty  

And we must use automated emails to enhance conversions at every point of this Client Journey. Here is how we do it.  

Email Campaigns according to the Client Journey


The awareness stage is the first step in the Client’s Journey.  

This is when a customer becomes aware of your company’s offerings for the first time… 

…and is interested in learning more about your company,  

As a result, it is usually regarded as the most crucial stage in the cycle.    

We create an automated welcome email campaign at this stage of the Client Journey:    

It is a campaign that exposes your brand to a prospect and capitalizes on their first interest to get them to buy!  


This is how we can go about doing it:  

1st email: use the bait provided in the pop-up.  

2nd email: introduce yourself and your company.  

3rd email: highlight best-sellers (products/services)  

4th email: provide value + remind recipients of the code  

Email #5: add urgency and remind them of the code.  



At this stage of the Client Journey, your prospects have done some preliminary research and are aware of some of the possibilities available to them. Their research phase, however, is still ongoing.  

They’ve limited their choices and even placed a product on their cart, but they’re still wary of your offers.  

This is when customers evaluate your offering to other available options.    

They’re looking at prices and comparing them.  

Reading customer testimonials   

Examining the competition   

And they know more about your product’s characteristics to determine if it is what they are seeking.  


We automate the following flows at this stage:   

– abandonment of the site  

– abandonment of browsing  

– abandoned shopping carts/checkouts  


We keep track of the drop-offs and send out 2-3 emails in which we 

– Address any objections that your prospects may have  

– Demonstrate how your solution works for others  

– Use assurances and incentives to make your offer enticing.  



We’ve arrived at the stage where a potential consumer becomes a paying customer. 

They’ve assessed the brand’s offerings and decided to purchase from them.  

However, once our hard work in the previous steps has paid off in the form of a sale, it’s not time to relax…  


Every purchase should be followed by a two-to-three-email post-buy sequence that:   

– will express your gratitude to the buyer for his purchase.  

– provides content that is relevant to the things purchased or otherwise adds value to the client  

– Request that customers leave a review  



Retaining an existing customer is easier and costs about five times less than acquiring a new one. 

Furthermore, it takes a lot of trusts to convert a prospect into a first-time purchase, so after you’ve earned their trust and their business, you should work hard to keep it.  

The retention phase is about nurturing the customer’s relationship after they’ve purchased so they’ll be more inclined to buy from you again.


Here are seven email sequences that we may automate for the Client Journey retention stage:     

– Limited supply  

– A significant achievement  

– Now available again  

– A flow of up-sells and cross-sells.  

– The process of regaining control.  

– Reconnection  

– A birthday or the anniversary of your first purchase  



This is the most difficult stage in the Client’s Journey to reach… 

– The customer becomes an active advocate for your brand throughout this stage of the customer experience.  

-They begin to speak well of you and your firm.  

-They recommend you to their friends and family.  

-They generate word-of-mouth marketing, which is the most potent type of promotion your firm can have.    

Loyalty and VIP flows are two excellent flows to automate at this level of the Client Journey.  

So you can have some loyalty membership offer for VIP customers only. 


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