How to generate traffic to a website (Little known tips)

How to generate traffic to a website (Little known tips)

How to generate traffic to a website
Knowing how to generate traffic to a website is the most important thing if we want to sell and promote on your blog.

Promoting it with paid ads on Google, Bing, and social media is accessible if you have an advertising budget and know how to get a more significant ROI.

But if you are a beginner with a limited budget, here are little-known tips that will help you.

With over 5B internet users and over 9B Google searches, getting free traffic from Google is the best option.

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Source Date: 09/10/2022


How to generate traffic to a website with customized keywords you can easily rank for

If you want to rank for a competitive term like “health insurance,” you’d better be good at SEO and have a lot of time and patience to make it happen.

But if you choose less competitive keywords, you can rank for them in just days with minimum effort.

These are still keywords that will drive traffic and sales, and you can find them using Ubersuggest.

To be clear, how long it takes you to rank for any keyword will depend on several factors, including the domain authority, current organic traffic level, and age of your website.

But regardless of all that, odds are there are still some keywords that will be easy to rank for if you know how to find them. Learning how to generate traffic to a website with customized keywords you can easily rank for is the best way to start earning from your site.


Go to Ubersuggest and type in a keyword related to your niche. Click on ‘search‘. (you have three free searches daily)

I put the keyword copywriter.


You’ll see an overview of the keyword. It will tell you how many people search for this keyword each month and will break down SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty, and CPC.

Next step: Click on ‘keyword ideas’ in the left-hand navigation.


Now you will see a report listing keywords, volumes, and so forth. These are the keywords similar to the keyword you typed in. you’ll also see tabs that show more keyword ideas.

But you want to look for and click the button that says, “Page 1 Ranking Potential.”


Enter your domain and see the keywords you can rank for.

How awesome is that?

Once you have the list, look for keywords with traffic greater than 100, with a high cost per click, low SEO difficulty, and are relevant to your site.

Ideally, you want keywords people are looking for that convert well (hence the high cost per click), are easy to rank for and bring you traffic that wants what you offer.


How to generate traffic to a website from Quora

Quora is a Questions and Answers website where people ask questions about anything and everything.

To generate traffic, look for every question related to your industry, and answer those questions.

To find the questions, use keywords in the search box. Then answer every question you can to build up your authority and increase your popularity.

This alone will generate some branding and leads, but likely not enough to make it worth your time.

However, you can kick things up a notch with a slightly different approach. Rather than answering every question from scratch, here’s what you can do:

Take snippets from your blog posts where you’ve already covered the topic. Then, paste these snippets onto Quora as your answer, along with a link back to the original blog post.

This will drive traffic to your site, but you might find you have one problem: Quora might get confused and think you plagiarize yourself.

I’m not kidding. If this happens, they will ban you until you tell them that you’re pasting your material there, and then they will unban you.

Yes, they sometimes make this mistake, but at least they are open to correcting it.

A way to make this system work even better is to use the above method – answer questions with snippets from your blog posts and link back to your original post – while adding fresh content, too. It doesn’t have to be a lot of fresh content; it’s just something new that does not appear on your blog and is for Quora readers only.

To get plenty of upvotes, here’s what you do:

  1. Find the most popular questions in your niche, which many people are reading.
  2. Find the most popular answers to those questions.
  3. Read those, and then leave your answers that are more in-depth than the other answers, adding new information those other answers don’t have.
  4. Include the link to your blog post as well.

Bottom line: Adding value is how to generate traffic to a website from Quora.

And if you don’t want to write answers, you can also run ads on Quora. It might not be as effective as leaving answers, but it is faster.


How to Rank Higher on YouTube

Here’s a quick tip on how to get your videos to rank higher on YouTube:

When you’re ready to publish your latest YouTube video, you must be prepared to do a few other things immediately.

The moment you publish the video, share that video link with your friends and ask them to leave a comment. Then, tell your list about the new video, ask them to like it, and leave a comment.

Hit every single one of your communication channels, whether it’s social media sites, push notifications, text messages, or any channel you have, and get the views on your video as high as possible within the first 60 minutes your video is published.

Your goal is to get as many views, likes, and comments as possible in the first hour because when you do that, you are much more likely to get your video to rank higher on YouTube.


Which Social Media Site Can Give You a Ton of Organic Reach?

Do you remember the terms and policies at the beginning of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media channels? 

When a social channel is new, it’s looking to build up traffic and users. To accomplish this, it’s willing to give marketers a lot of organic reach for free.

Then one day, the owners of the social media site changed how things work. The social media channel has grown sufficiently big with members and traffic according to them. And marketers are forced to pay to promote their websites. 

No one will see your content if you don’t pay for the ads.

But you can still promote on one social media channel and have results. 


You can promote your website with posts and articles.

Create a professional profile, write engaging blog posts and articles, and get free traffic from Linkedin.

So even if you promote products for customers and not businesses, you can still get massive organic reach with excellent content on LinkedIn. 


Your next step

Knowing how to generate traffic to a website is important, but writing content that will engage readers and sell is crucial too. 

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