The Secrets Of Persuasive Copywriting

The Secrets Of Persuasive Copywriting

Persuasive Copywriting

You planned the perfect surprise for your partner’s birthday

You reserved the best table in your favorite restaurant, bought a lovely dress, called his friends without telling him, ordered the gorgeous cake, bought the perfect present for him…

But when you arrived at his place to bring him to the restaurant, you found he had planned a romantic dinner for both of you in his apartment.

Now, you would use all your persuasive tactics to make him change his decision and join you in the restaurant. That is why you would promise him a great time, an excellent party, great food… Then, you would promise him a romantic evening with a massage after that… Finally, you would do everything to convince him to go with you to the restaurant to surprise him.

The same is with persuasive freelance copywriting.

If you want your reader/buyer/customer to read your full copy and act, you must use persuasive copywriting techniques in every part of your copy.

What is persuasive copywriting?

Persuasive copywriting is specific technics you use to convince a reader to buy your product or service or join your list … To be a good copywriter, you must master these technics.

Now let us start with the

Persuasive Copywriting Technique #1 – One Idea or benefit to One Problem

big idea

Every product and service in the market is designed to solve people’s problems. However, your job as the copywriter is to find the burning desire in your customer, their biggest problem, and solve them with your product/service. Your job is to convince them that your product/service will transform their lives and bring them from where they are now to where they want to be the most.

How can you do this?


*Find one big Idea or benefit of your product/service that will solve your customer’s problem and lead him to the desired transformation.

*Told one captivating story to your customers

*Stirring one emotion,

*Offer one clear way to achieve a goal or overcome a problem

This approach will lead the prospect to one inevitable response – buying the product.

To use this technique, find your core idea before you get started. For example, what is the most significant benefit you will use in your sales letter, ad, or email campaign?

Once you have a big idea, use it throughout the entire promotion, from the ad or email to the sales page.

Persuasive Copywriting Technique #2: AIDA and The 4U’s

Your headline is an essential part of your ad. That is why you should spend 80% of your time on your headline and 20% on your ad. No one will read the rest of your copy if you don’t capture them with your headline.

In case you have any doubt about the importance of headlines, here is what some of the greats in advertising have to say


Scientific advertising, Claudie Hopkins

David Ogilvy


Breakthrough advertising Eugene M. Schwartz (1)



I’ll bet you already know the first half of this headline-writing Formula. A great headline is crucial for success, which is why you want your headline to:

  • Grab Attention
  • Arouse Interest 
  • Create Desire
  • Motivate Action

Yup, that’s the old AIDA formula, and it’s as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. 

But today, if we want our headlines to be super effective, we need to go further and employ the 4U’s.

Business coach and serial entrepreneur Michael Masterson develop the 4U’s Formula. The Formula works for headlines, blog post titles, and email subject lines. Your headline has to have at least 3 of the 4U’s components to be super effective in all the internet noise.

The 4U’s Formula



This review technique will tell you if your headline hits sales out of the park or if you need to adjust it first.

1: Useful – Ask yourself whether your headline solves a problem, offers a benefit, or provides value for your audience in another way. People buy by emotion and justify the purchase with logic. They always ask what is here for me. That is why always put in the headline something that is useful for the prospect and provides an excellent value for them

2: Ultra-specificit increases the content’s value and makes it more valuable and compelling.

Ask yourself: Does your headline employs specific details to make the promise real, believable, and achievable? For example, instead of “Lose More Weight,” you can say, “Lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks with our healthy diet .”

3: Urgent – Ask yourself: Does your headline force your prospect to make the payment now? Does it offer some discounts and limited-time bonuses?

4: Unique – Does your headline sound like nothing else out there? For example, instead of saying “How to Lower Your Cholesterol,” your headline might be, “3 Kitchen Ingredients that Lower Cholesterol by 33.3%.”


Let us analyze the headline of this article.

Copywriting Secrets To Sell Anything You Want Starting Today

Is it useful? Yes. You will learn how to sell anything you want

Is it ultra-specific? Yes. You will learn how to sell anything you wish with Copywriting Techniques. I didn’t put Persuasive Copywriting Techniques here to make the reader curious to see the article and find the technics.

Is it unique? No. There are many articles about Copywriting Techniques.

Is it urgent? Yes. To start selling anything you want, you need to know these techniques.

Test all your headlines this way, and you will get more clicks, shares, open rates, and conversions.

Persuasive Copywriting Technique #3: 4Ps in the Body


We’ve handled the overall concept of the copy and the headline. Now let us see the body of the copy.

4P’s come into play in the body of your copy. They act as the framework to build your sales message and persuade your reader to take action.

1: Picture – here’s where you get the reader to visualize your product’s positive benefits on their life.

Paint a picture with words that illustrate the dramatic difference your product will make for the reader.

2: Promise – You don’t sell a product; you sell transformation with your promise. Your copy is the bridge between your prospect and where they want to be. First, list all benefits the customer will get buying your product. Promise them in your copy. Then, make a specific promise of the best use of your product. This single promise needs to recur throughout your copy.

For example, “Breakthrough in heart health could help you feel that you have a new heart in 60 days.” The benefit is improved heart health; the promise is feeling like you have a new heart.

3: Proof – to make your copy effective, you’ve got to prove you can deliver on your promise. You must offer solid proof of your claims to create believability.

Use quotes, expert testimonials, user testimonials, track records, charts, diagrams, and so forth to boost credibility and convince the reader that this product works.

4: Push – this is where you get your reader to take action. Remind your reader of the urgency to solve the problem, tell them precisely what to do, and remind them how easy it is to take action.

Top it off with reasons for acting immediately, such as scarcity, a limited-time offer, or an external deadline (such as Christmas).

Finally, reverse the risk to guarantee they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by acting now. Tell them about your trial offer if you have one, let them know about the return policy or money-back guarantee, and give them methods to contact customer service if they have a question or need help.

It is your turn.

If you want to be among the best copywriters, practice these techniques. With time, you will notice a difference in your writing. And people will react to your articles, emails, sales letters, ads…too. As a result, you will get more clicks, conversions, and sales…


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