Want to Create Content that Persuades People to Take Action?

Want to Create Content that Persuades People to Take Action?

Create Content

You want to create content, sales letters, articles, emails, newsletters that persuade people to take action. 

You want to be a skilled, in-demand copywriter, and clients to hire you

You want to make great money as a writer.


So do you know what distinguishes a recognized copywriter from the others?

  • It is not the style and the voice
  • It is not the orientation toward specific niches
  • It is not the type of the content

The difference between him and other copywriters is the knowledge. They know which elements to put in their copy and how to persuade people to take action.

Today I will show you how to create content and write sales letters, emails, articles, and all kinds of content to persuade people to take action. 

Every time before you start writing something, put yourself in the buyer’s place. (we suppose here you know your buyer, his problems, wishes, desires, obstacles…)

So as a buyer, if you are interested in solving your problem or satisfying your desire, you will start searching for the solution. 

Of course, you will subscribe to some newsletters too. 

You can try and do anything to find the solution and solve the problem.

As a result of your searching, you can find much content promoting similar products on the nets or in your inbox that claims will solve your problem.  

Now pay attention to this.

When will you click on the link to see more, do all of them catch your attention in the same way? 

When will you open your inbox do all headlines are worth spreading the email and read the content? 

So take time and do this research.

Make a list of good promotions that solve your problem, explain your objections, and motivate you to buy and take action. Then, when you analyze them, you will see that they have all or most of the elements explained below in their copy.

No matter what you’re selling when you will create content or where you are selling it – ads, webpages, video sales letters, email campaigns, and so forth – these elements will help you sell more products with less effort. And they’re easy to learn and implement, too.

If your content doesn’t contain these elements well, your odds of persuading people to buy is only slightly higher than the chances of getting pocket aces.

You have a 1 in (13 * 17) chance of being dealt Pocket Aces, or 1 in 221. So, you have a less than 0.5% chance of being dealt pocket Aces.

If you’re comfortable with those odds, disregard this article, continue with your practice, and don’t apply these elements in your copy. 

But if you want to have great copywriting life and make great money as a writer, continue with the article and implement most of these elements in your content.


Which elements do you need to put in your copy when you create content?

Here they are…

One Big Idea and One Story

Back in the days when a circus would roll into town, they would walk an elephant down the main street to grab everyone’s attention. Notice they weren’t walking ten magician’s rabbits or a hundred trained mice down the main road, but rather one giant, impossible-to-miss elephant.

One good idea or benefit, clearly and convincingly presented, is better than a hundred tiny ideas or benefits when you create content.

Readers can’t grasp a hundred or even just ten ideas or benefits. It’s too much, causes confusion, and prompts the prospect to “think about it later” when it doesn’t hurt so much. 

And later never comes.

But one great idea or benefit, told with one captivating Story, stirring one emotion, and offering one clear way to achieve a goal or overcome a problem, will direct the prospect to one inevitable response – buying the product.

To use this technique, decide on your core idea before you get started. For example, what is the one benefit you’re going to extoll?

Once you have the core idea, weave it through the entire promotion, from the ad or email to the sales page and even on the checkout page, too.

A headline that will catch reader attention

Pop Quiz: What is the most crucial element of any marketing campaign?

Is it:

1: The ability to drive traffic?

2: The ability to recruit top affiliates?

3: A product people desperately want to buy?

4: Or a terrific headline and opening to your sales message?

Believe it or not, it’s #4.

You can create the best offer in the marketing campaign ever known to mankind for a product or service people want to buy. But unless your headline and opening grab them, prospects aren’t going to pay attention.

And if prospects aren’t paying attention, it doesn’t matter how much traffic you drive or how many affiliates you recruit, either.

Marketing research shows 80% of your success in the marketing campaign comes from your headline and the first 300 to 500 words of your message.

AIDA Formula

I’ll bet you already know the first half of this headline-writing formula. A great headline is crucial for success, which is why you want your headline to:

  • Grab Attention 
  • Arouse Interest 
  • Create Desire
  • Motivate Action

Yup, that’s the old AIDA formula, and it’s as relevant today as it was 50 years ago. 

But today when we create content, if we want our headlines to be super effective in all the internet noise, we need to go a step further and employ the 4U’s. This review technique will tell you if your headline will hit sales out of the park or if you need to make some adjustments to it first.

The 4U’s Formula

1: Useful – does your headline offer something valuable to the prospect? For example, if your target market is salespeople, then “7 Magic Words to Close Any Sale” would be helpful to them.

2: Ultra-specific – does your headline employ specific details to make the promise real, believable, and achievable? Instead of “Make More Sales,” you can say, “Improve Your Conversion Rate by 36% Overnight.”

3: Urgent – does your headline indicate this message is time-sensitive and cannot be left until later? “5 Stocks that Will Double by May 29th” is a good example.

4: Unique – does your headline sound like nothing else out there? For example, instead of saying “How to Lower Your Cholesterol,” your headline might be, “3 Kitchen Ingredients that Lower Cholesterol by 33.3%.”


Elements you need to create content that sells in the body

In the body, you need to define the problem and present the solution using the following elements.

They act as the framework to build your sales message and persuade your reader to take action. 

1: Picture – here’s where you get the reader to visualize the positive benefits your product will have on their life. 

Paint a picture with words that illustrate the dramatic difference your product will make for the reader.

2: Promise – this is the specific promise of the best benefit of your product. This single promise needs to recur throughout your copy. 

For example, “New breakthrough in heart health could help you feel that you have a brand new heart in 60 days.” The benefit is improved heart health, and the promise is feeling like you have a brand new heart.

3: Offer you will put when you create content: Your offer is not only the product you promote but all bonuses, gifts, and discounts included in your content.

It would help if you created an offer where the perceived value for the buyers is high. You need to convince them that they will get much more for their money.

4: Warn: – You picture them the solution, where they want to be when your product solves their problem, but to persuade them to take action, you need to make it hurt. The more it hurts, the more they will need the solution. 

For example

You promote weight loss product

You can explain that your product will help them lose 30 pounds in 3 weeks because of its unique substance. The product is unique, and people can’t find the similar one in the market. So they will see the solution and may or may not buy because they can choose from many similar products on the market. 

But when you add agitation, you motivate them to buy because they are scared the situation will worsen.

For example

According to the World Health association 

“Being overweight or obese can have a serious impact on health. Carrying extra fat leads to serious health consequences such as cardiovascular disease (mainly heart disease and stroke), type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritis, and some cancers (endometrial, breast, and colon). These conditions cause premature death and substantial disability.”

Take this seriously. If you don’t take action today, you risk getting a stroke or some serious illness. You will not only lose weight but improve your health because our supplements enable you to lose weight and improve your overall health. 


5: Proof and Credibility: -The reason why they should believe you. To make your copy effective, you’ve got to prove you can deliver on your promise. This means you need to offer solid proof of your claims to create believability in the prospect.

Use quotes, expert testimonials, user testimonials, track records, charts, diagrams, and so forth to boost credibility and convince the reader that this product works.

6: Bullets: – This is where you will put all features of the products connected with benefits the reader will have from them using this formula

Feature + Benefit + What it means for them

For example:

If you buy this course:

*You will get free guides on how to learn the topic faster, so you will have a framework for every lesson in it

*You will get checklists on what do you need to do, so you can be sure everything is done correctly

*You can get templates and resources you can use to know how to connect with clients. 

7. Guarantee

Finally, reverse the risk to guarantee they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by acting now. Tell buyers about your trial offer if you have one, let them know about the return policy or money-back guarantee, and give them methods to contact customer service if they have a question or need help.

8: Call to Action – this is where you get your reader to take action. Remind your reader of the urgency to solve the problem, tell them precisely what to do, and remind them how easy it is to take action.

9: Restate Benefits & Urgency:  

Motivate them to take action now. Remind readers how their life can be better with your solution.

Top it all off with reasons for acting immediately, such as scarcity, a limited-time offer, or an external deadline (such as Christmas).


Do you know now how to create content that sells?

Ok. These are elements you need to add to your copy to persuade people to take action. Try to add as much of them as you can. 

Use this article as guidance when you create content for your following sales Letter, Emal, article, or another type of content.

Use it as a checklist to be sure your content has as many of the elements mentioned here. 

According to the famous copywriter Mark Morgan Ford, otherwise known as Michael Masterson: 

You’re a good writer if you can write a story that can make people cry. 

You’re a better writer if your writing can make people laugh.

You can be a very wealthy writer if your writing can persuade people to take action. 

Which one of these do you want to be?


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