Mistakes to avoid when promoting with PPC Google Adwords

Mistakes to avoid when promoting with PPC Google Adwords

PPC Google Adwords

For advertisers nowadays, Google is the most common place to run ads. To get insight into PPC Google AdWords, look at these PPC ads stats for 2022.

  1. The most prominent provider of search advertising on the market is Google Ads. (Source)
  2. Google’s revenue from Google ads in 2021 is $209.49 billion (Source)
  3. Businesses earn, on average, with Google Ads $8 for every $1.60 spent. (Source)
  4. Google’s average CPC is $1.16 (Source)
  5. 98% of online advertisers rate Google as the most trustworthy. (Source)
  6. 80% of all companies worldwide focus on Google Ads for PPC campaigns. (Source)

But to promote with PPC Google AdWords, you must be familiar with and know how to fix the following common mistakes.


Your PPC Google AdWords is not optimized for your company goals. 

Your promotion aims to increase sales, subscribers or engagement. So your PPC Google AdWords needs to be optimized to reach them. 

And many times, you focus to increase

  • CTR: Click Through Rate
  • Impressions
  • Page Views
  • Time On Site

Instead of

  • CPC: Cost Per Click
  • CPA: Cost Per Acquisition
  • ROI/ROAS: Return On Investment or Return On Ad Spend

CTR, impressions, page views, and site time are irrelevant to reaching your goals. CPC, CPA and ROI/ROAS are your bottom-line revenue metrics. So focus on them in your PPC campaigns to get your company goals.


Your PPC Google AdWords is not optimized for the right keywords and queries. 

People search for queries on Google, not for keywords.

For example, someone may search for an elegant swiss watch. 

The thing is, “swiss watch” might translate into queries saying “women’s swiss watch” or “kids swiss watch” when you might be selling men’s watches. So, in this case, you pay for many invalid clicks. 

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You don’t have the correct negative keyword list.

 You should have remembered to enter negative keywords so that your single keyword groups don’t overlap. 

Negative keywords are irrelevant and unprofitable keywords that Google might deem relevant.

Keep your negative list growing by analyzing, researching, and reflecting.


You spend money on ads that won’t make you money… 

In this case, you are running PPC Google AdWords ads to a page that doesn’t convert and make sales.

To avoid this 

You need to optimize the Sales Page and Checkout Page after 1000-2000 clicks. 

If either one of your Conversion Rates is hitting the benchmark, work on the Conversion Rate that does not.

If your Conversion Rates are not hitting their benchmarks, start with the Sales Page Conversion Rate.


You don’t identify your competitors and assess their strengths, strategies, and weaknesses.

Your goal is to outperform your competitors. Competitor Analysis will help you to find the gaps and create better ads. 

To conduct a competitor analysis, you should analyze:

  • Your Competitors
  • Their strategies
  • The products/services that they sell
  • Their weaknesses
  • Their strengths

After you collect all the information about your competitors, you can base your PPC Google AdWords strategies on that.


You don’t follow GDPR, PPC, or CRO regulations’ updates.

GDPR, PPC, or CRO and regulations, have a drastic impact on your business. Therefore, following their regulation updates should be your top priority because every change creates opportunity, and every opportunity creates money.


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