How to Promote a Post And Keep Them Coming Back

How to Promote a Post And Keep Them Coming Back

How to Promote a Post And Keep Them Coming Back

You want to be a blogger, earn from your blog, and keep your visitors coming back.

Welcome aboard!!


Don’t make my mistake!

Years ago, I saw a message on Facebook promising at least $1,000/month with blogging.

It was an SEO course.

I needed additional income and paid for it.

I learned how to write SEO blog posts. First, however, I needed to learn how to promote them.

That is why, before you start, you must know how to promote a post to keep them coming back.


Screenshot from Worldometers

Screenshot from Worldometers, 11:45 p.m. on a Friday (September 16, 2022)


Bloggers write and publish over 8.8M posts daily.

And 60% of internet users in the world regularly read blogs.

You may write the best content in the world, but it is worthless if no one reads it.

It will be buried in search engines, and no one can find it.


11 Proven Ways to Promote Your Blog Post and Get More Exposure Online.

Here’s a summary of how to get your blog post to go far and wide on the internet so you don’t suffer from zero rankings and exposure. ☠️ 

Ready? Let’s get into it.


1) Write helpful content for your target audience to improve user experience.

Ask yourself, why did you start blogging in the first place? If your goal was only to sell something with your blog, find another way of earning.

According to the new research from Conductor, “consumers are 131% more likely to buy from a brand immediately after they consume early-stage educational content.”

Most consumers proactively avoid advertising with features like ad blockers, paying for ad-free experiences, or completely skipping ads.

80% of people prefer learning about a company through custom content (Demand Metric).

So, people search on Google, other search engines, and social networks to learn something and solve problems. 

If your post isn’t educational, helpful, or trustable with proof of how they can solve their problem, they will quickly leave your website.

If you want people to stay longer on your page, click on the internal links and read other posts, follow these steps:

Follow these steps to keep your readers engaged

  • Write for your target audience. What works for one audience doesn’t work for other. For example, beginner and experienced bloggers are interested in various topics. That is why you need to know your target audience, and all their problems, desires, and hopes. 
  • Do your research and write educational, helpful, and trustable content with proof of how they can solve their problem. Put links to your sources. 
  • Your sources need to be high-authority sites. In this case, other bloggers will use your site as a source and link to it.
  • Make the content scannable. Write short paragraphs with bullets and compelling subheadlines to keep people’s attention.
  • Use stories and non-technical and engaging language people to understand your post
  • Find and explain all objections that are holding your visitors back.
  • Put a clear Call To Action (CTA) at the end of the post. You must know your goal before writing it (i.e., getting subscribers, selling products, raising awareness, starting a free trial…).
  • People remember visuals more than text. Use print screens, infographics, and videos in your posts.
  • Make you are post longer than 1000 words. Longer posts perform better than 500-word posts.


2) Find Medium Tail Keywords and Your True Competition in Google


Find medium tail keywords.

There are three types of keywords: 

  • Head Terms 
  • Medium Tail Keywords, 
  • Long Tail Keywords

It’s nearly impossible to rank for head keywords. They are highly competitive keywords with 1-2 words, such as

  • brain
  • keto diet
  • digital marketing

On the other side, Long Tail Keywords have a small number of searches, 

for example

  • why brain breaks are important
  • Keto diet for a retired woman
  • How Digital marketing can improve your business

That is why your goal is to find medium-tail keywords for which you can rank your blog post on search engines.

In our example, medium tail keywords will be

  • brain versus mind
  • keto diet recipes
  • digital marketing for beginners

It would be best if you used a paid tool to find keywords. 

The Google Keyword Planner was created specifically for Google Ads. However, it will never be or has never been a recommended SEO tool. Instead, Google keyword planner helps advertisers build their advertising campaigns.

Anyone can use Google Keyword Planner at no cost. However, only users paying and conducting ad campaigns through Google Ads receive the complete data. This is because Google Keyword Planner has changed over time to give as little information as possible to non-advertisers. Because of that, SEO professionals use other premium tools.

If you are a beginner, the cheapest option is Ubbersuggest.

In the article, How to generate traffic to a website (Little known tips), see how to use Ubbersuggest to find the keywords your website can rank for on the first page on Google.


Find Your True Competition in Google

Also, to rank on Google; you need to know the total number of websites that rank for that keyword. If the number is too big, your chances of ranking on the first page on Google are smaller.

Here is how to find the number of sites for the given keyword (Your True Competition in Google) 

Find the keyword with more than 100 views and low SEO difficulty

Put it in google

In our example, it will be a mass desire.


True Competition in Google


Go to the bottom of the page and click on the last page

In our case, it is 10

Competition in Google

On the 10th page, scroll down and click on the last page.

Competition in Google1

Do that until you come to the last page.

Competition in Google2

Now you can see the total number of the sites at the top of the last page. In our case, 206.

Competition in Google3

Your goal is to find the keyword that can easily rank with less competition and more monthly views. 


3) How to promote a post and keep them coming back by optimizing the content for SEO 

You’ve read and heard this time and time again. Your blog needs to be SEO-optimized.

The easiest way to do this is to install the free version of Yoast SEO. Normally if you can afford the paid version is better.

When you activate it, you have SEO suggestions for one (free) or five (paid) keywords to optimize the post.

If you use another plugin and can’t install it, here are the leading suggestions from Yoast SEO.

keyword keyword “mass desire.”

Put your keyword in the Focus keyphrase and the slug. 

Leave only the Title and page in the SEO title ( remove the separator and site title)


Write out the meta description with the target keyword.

meta description

Your goal is to follow the suggestions, get a green smiley and optimize as many suggestions as possible. You can’t optimize all of them all the time.

SEO -Yoast

Now you can publish your blog post!


4) How to promote a post and keep them coming back asking for backlinks

Find the keyword.

Write the post.

Optimize it for SEO.

It is time to promote it, people, to read your awesome content.

If you want your post to rank higher, it will need to earn backlinks to other websites in your niche.

When it is on the first page, other sites will see it as authority and link to it. But before that, you need to send emails to your competition asking them for a link to your post.

Never send emails connected with your domain for cold outreach.

for example,

It will finish in the spam and your domain on the blacklist.  

Here are 15 Things You Need to Know About Domains Before Running a Cold Email Campaign

To raise your chances of linking, provide bloggers with a blog post and anchor link from their website in your email. 

Use or edit this template for cold outreach.


Hi [first name], 

My name’s [your name], and I write for []. We specialize in [niche].

I’m reaching out because I’ve been reading your content for a while now. So I appreciate how often you write helpful content. [Mention the article that helped you and how] We just released a new [blog post] on [topic]. [Explain why it is better than other posts and the benefits it offers readers].

We’re proud of this blog post, and your readers would love it too. So if you’re willing to share it on [blog post] on this anchor text [anchor text], we’d be very grateful! Here’s the link: [Insert Link].

Have a great day!

Best regards,

[Your Name]


You can expect various scenarios in this case


Some bloggers will ask for money,

Some of them will ask you to write a guest post

The others will ask for a reciprocity link

Some of them will refuse your proposal



Some of them will put their content on their blog posts.

And over time, your post will gain credibility and rank higher on search engines.


5) How to Promote a Post and Keep Them Coming Back With Email Marketing

First, you need subscribers to promote a blog post with email marketing. 

There are several ways to collect subscribers from your website.

1) Create a helpful lead magnet and promote it in the sidebar of your theme or on your home page

2) Create PDF books from your posts and offer them in exchange for the reader’s email



3) Place a pop-up with a discount or lead magnet on your website

4) Embeda sign-up form in every post

Many email providers allow you to connect your website with their platform, write the template and automatically send your blog post to your subscribers after publishing. 

Contrary to popular belief, I want to write a personal message and send it to my subscribers, informing them about my new post.

Suggestion: subscribe to Neil Patel’s and Brian Dean’s newsletters and see how they promote their new posts.

Compare their emails with the ones using a template and see the difference.

They use psychological triggers tailored to their posts in each email they send. 

Also, you can add a link to the website or the content in the email signature.

You can’t change your email signature and add a new blog post link daily. However, if you have a blog post that explains your brand and is helpful with a strong CTA, you can add it to your email signature instead of the website link. 

6) Repurpose and Share your Post on All Your Socials After Publishing.

78% of North America’s population, 83% of Western Europe, and 71% of Eastern Asia are social media users. 

An average user spends two and a half hours daily on social media in 2022. Source 

How can you use this data in your favor?

By promoting your blog post on social media.

Before you start promoting on social media, take this advice seriously.

When I first started blogging, I was blocked, placed in Facebook jail, and barred from boosting my posts on Facebook because I opened the account and began promoting in it without first reading and following Facebook’s publishing policy.

I listened to webinars and followed “Gury’s” advice instead of reading and following FB policy. 

So please don’t make my mistake.

Start reading the social account publishing policy and open your business account afterward.

Create professional accounts and make your social accounts landing pages.

Put a subscribe link on your website, a professional banner, a picture, and your bio on them.

After that…

Put the share buttons plugin on your website. Then, at the end of the article, ask readers to share your posts. So, people will easily share your content on their social accounts.

Also, you can share your new and old posts on your social media accounts daily, changing descriptions and hashtags with the same social share buttons.

Plugin for social sharing

I use this plugin for social sharing.

Custom Share Buttons With Floating Sidebar Settings

After installing it, go to settings and choose where you want people to share your posts.


social media button

It is free, and you can share your posts on many socials.

If you want more, consider putting in some paid plugins.

Repurpose the post. Create 5-10 graphics and social posts for every social account from your blog post, depending on the word count. 

Create a social content calendar and publish 1-2 of them daily on your socials and connect them with your blog post

Now, let’s see some tips for sharing on social.


  • Twitter is an excellent channel for blog post promotion. Share your post on Twitter several times a day with various descriptions and hashtags. 
  • Create a Pinterest image and put it in the post if you want people to share your post on Pinterest
  • Use hashtags when promoting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. This way, members who are not your followers will see your post, read it and react to it. 
  • Promote in relevant groups on FB and Linkedin.


Also, you can create a video from the blog post. 

Share the video on social media & YouTube and add it to relevant website pages.


7) Add your Post to the Niche Social Bookmarking Sites

Niche social bookmarking sites are industry-specific communities. Sharing your content in these communities will enable you to attract and engage a targeted audience. Here are a few examples of niches:

Open the account on bookmarking site that belongs to your niche 

I have an account in BizSugar,

So I post my article in it after publishing. 

It takes me 2-3 minutes. I get the backlink and chance, someone, to read and share it 🙂


8) How to Promote a Post and Keep Them Coming Back Using  Reciprocal Sharing Sites

You can share your content on other people’s social accounts when you use sites like Triberr and Viral Content Bee.

I use Triberr. I connect my website with its plugin, and all my posts are on Tribber after publishing. Then, other Triberr members share them on their socials. So I get notifications on my socials, and I share their posts too.

Here are the notifications from Twitter.



Then, I go into their Tribber accounts and share their posts on my socials.


I got a lot of Twitter followers this way too.


9) Promote your Blog Post on Forums

You can get a lot of views from forums. For example, this article shows how to promote on Quora

Reddit is one of the most significant online communities. It has an estimated 17 million monthly users. You can join the subreddits and promote your post in them. But be careful. All subreddits have rules. Some of them don’t allow promotion. Read the rules before joining some subreddit.


 10) Consider Putting your Blog in Content Aggregators and Curated Content Sites


The difference between content aggregators and curated content sites is this: Content aggregation sites are automated and collect info according to keywords. Curated content sites, on the other hand, are manual


Content Aggregation Sites

Content aggregators collect content from source websites and post it on their websites. At the same time, you get a backlink to your blog post.

There are three well-known content aggregators:



You will attract new visitors if your content is featured on these websites.


Curated Content Sites

Sign up as a Publisher on Flipboard. Submit your RSS feed. Your posts are to be automatically added, and you can promote a blog post with Flipboard.

There are a few other sites that also deal with curated content, 


11) How to Promote a Post and Keep Them Coming Back with Paid Ads

In the end, if you can afford to promote your posts with paid ads


Paid Search Ads

With Google, Bing Search Campaign

Paid Social Ads

With Ad Campaigns on Relevant Social Media Sites

Paid Banners 

With banners on other highly visited websites in your niche

To promote with paid ads, you need to hire an expert to create the text and graphics. 



After reading this guide, I hope you better understand how to promote your blog. 

You need to follow the 80/20 rule when promoting your content.

20% of your time spent on researching and writing the article

and 80% of your time spent promoting it

Promotion is crucial if you want to have results. 

You saw 11 ways how to promote your blog post. 

Start with keyword research and SEO.

Then, based on your preferences, select the best method of promotion.

Move on the other,

then on the other…

Over time, start delegating this job and reaching a bigger audience. 

Then one day

Your post will be on the first page of all search engines.


That was your goal at the beginning.




You reached it:)


If you need additional help with content creation and promotion of your blog, you can reach me at

Online Marketing Academy

or book a call