How to Get Funds For Business If You Work Online

How to Get Funds For Business If You Work Online

How to Get Fund For Your Online Business

One of the major stumbling blocks online business owners face is how to get funds for business they need to start up with their business. The good news is that starting an online business doesn’t need to be expensive, and getting the funding you need, needsn’t be difficult.

“The very FIRST Step to making your dreams come true….is to wake up from sleep.” – George Akomas Jr

Are you awake?

Today Try to focus and analyze every ad you will see. You will agree with me that all of them have in common the promise that you’d get results with something.

“You WILL see success with this. Join it for free” – That is a very BOLD statement in almost all of them.

Ask yourself why most people just don’t “get results” with their online work.

They join the programs, pay for autopilots or rotators which do everything for them and wait to become rich. Or they join the programs for free and expect to make a million dollars without having to do any real work.

Do you have an internet marketing business.. or an internet marketing hobby?

In every business, you have to invest something to gain income. If we talk about the hobby you can enjoy jumping from program to program and spend money on them.

Not one person can become rich without investing SOME money.

Try to find someone who becomes rich, joining only free programs.

It’s certainly not newbies’ fault if they believe all the extravagant claims on the Internet. Most of them soon learn the truth and invest and start to build their skills to work online.

But a lot of them have neither the ability, the desire to find how to get funds for business, nor even money for a small investment to build a REAL online business.

If a person doesn’t have money which can throw at a business for a few months to see if it works for them, and NOT have their lifestyle affected if it doesn’t – well, then, they should seriously consider a different form of enterprise – like a JOB!

The main question is? How much money should you invest?

Here are some options How to Get Funds For Business

1) Do it yourself

private fund

My advice: Never spend more money than you can afford and you are absolutely comfortable with it.  Keep in mind that that is business as any other business, not a hobby.

Invest several months, and if you don’t see the results stop investing in it.

Here is a very good formula for calculating the amount of money you should invest in a business venture…

1) Put aside money for all your regular bills,

2) Put aside money for your living expenses,

3) Put aside money for emergency costs

4) Put aside money for your child’s scholarship

Then ask yourself.

Can I invest a particular sum of money for a period of 6-8 months without excepting profit? If my business fails, can I go ahead in my life without any consequences to my family and me?




2) Ask friends, family, and fools for the loan. 


This is a trendy and effective way how to get funds for business. People closest to you believe in your vision and your ability to make that vision a reality. One downside is that you are potentially risking personal relationships should the business fail, and your agreement is not structured properly. I recommend structuring this type of funding as a loan for one year. It can be with interest or without it depending on your relationship with the person who will borrow you money. Borrow only to launch the business, build your website, or develop additional pitch material if you want to go after big money. 




3) Get Crowdfunding



If you have a really exciting business idea and “rewards” to offer investors, then you might post your idea on a crowdfunding site such as or Keep these tips in mind:


  • Invest in your own business first. You need to show potential investors that you have a lot on the line and that you believe in your own idea.


  • Offer enticing rewards. Give people access to your product or even special editions of your product, along with rewards that will appeal to their ego or sense of wanting to do good.


  • Create a good description. Share your enthusiasm and really persuade people to invest. A good video will help people get excited about your idea.




4) Moonlight to Raise Money


Do you have a service you can quickly and easily provide to others? Then you may want to work after-hours to offer this service as a way to raise money. For example, you can go to a site such as to offer writing, design, or even consulting. Or you might consider working offline doing manual labor on weekends to raise cash. It may not be your idea of a fun time, but it’s only temporary to help you answer the dilemma of how to get funds for business.


5) Sell Unwanted Items


This may include everything from big items like a motorcycle or RV, to antiques to collections. You can sell them locally using Facebook local swap and shop groups, using, or even using


6) Start on a Shoestring


There are plenty of ways to save money as you go. This includes:


  • Using free trials or even a freemium version of the tools and resources you need.


  • Bartering for goods and services with other professionals.


  • Reinvesting profits directly right back into your business.


  • Sticking with your day job so that you have extra cash to invest into your business.


  • Investing in advertising and outsourcing to grow your business more quickly.


  • Shopping for specials when you’re purchasing software, tools, or even office furniture. In other words, don’t pay full price when you don’t need to.


Now let’s wrap things up…




One of the benefits of starting an online business is that it tends to be much less expensive than starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business. And when you use the tips and ideas above, find how to get funds for business, then starting an online business is accessible to just about anyone!

“In investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.  At times, you will have to step out of your comfort zone to realize significant gains. Know the boundaries of your comfort zone and practice stepping out of it in small doses.

                                                                                   -Robert Arnott

Bottom line: “Successful Internet marketing requires an investment of MONEY. Be prepared to make SOME type of REASONABLE financial commitment.”

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