Email Course: Lesson 1 How to get the best from your welcome email campaigns?

Welcome to the first lesson on How to write compelling emails that make people buy email course

You might have some hesitations about writing emails. I sure did. We’ve all had in inbox those emails where you just know it’s automated, and it’s trying too hard to pretend it’s not.

But this course is not about setting and forgetting email campaigns.

 I’m going to show you how to write emails to convince people to take action. 

And if you the email campaigns right, you will earn for you and your clients a lot of money.


Do you know why?


The Email marketing ROI is $36 for $1 spent.

The total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day exceeds 306 billion and is forecast to grow to over 361 billion by year-end 2024.

Email Marketing drives more sales than social media marketing. For example, 60% of customers say they have purchased something because of the marketing email they received vs. 12.5% who bought it due to the social media campaigns.

Email Marketing grows your business. Eighty percent of professionals said that email marketing helps them with customer acquisition and retention. 

Email Marketing helps you reach customers faster.  

21% of the sent emails are opened in the first hour of delivery

Email Marketing Segmentation helps Marketers who used segmented campaigns to get a 760% increase in revenue.

Nowadays, Businesses are investing rather in email marketing than in other channels. 

Now that you’ve seen some email marketing statistics consider what email can do for your business?


These email marketing statistics prove that you can raise your income with a good marketing strategy.

  • In addition, email marketing will help you strengthen the relationship with your existing customers and increase your number of customers.
  • Email marketing will bring you a lot of money when doing it right. 
  • You will have your list and the traffic that you can control.
  • You can segment your list and send emails when you want

The last bullet brings us to the bold statement.

Don’t try to write for everyone. You will reach no one. 

You will get the best from your welcome email campaigns by writing emails according to the customer’s awareness stage if you promote products/services and their behaviors if you want them to stay and use AI apps.


Imagine this

  • You sign up, join the program and start the free trial.
  • You got the welcome email with product features full of links with the promotion.
  • The next day you got an email about another feature and how it works.
  • The next day you got an email to upgrade to get more features.
  • In the following days, you got only emails with promotions and features about the program,

Now imagine this

  • You sign up, join the program and start the free trial.
  • You got a warm welcome message with the promise you will achieve your goal with the program and the support link if you need assistance with something.
  • After two days, you get an email to schedule a call with the support staff to ask them everything about the program.
  • The next day you get a helpful article on using the features to get more value from them.


In which case will you continue with a paid plan?

If you are the most people, you will continue in the second case.

You will know that you can ask for help anytime, and you will feel safe and confident using the program. 


Do you know the main difference between these scenarios?

In the first case, the emails are for everyone. In the second case, they target the people who started the free trial.

In the first case, they are not targeted. In the second, they are targeted according to the customer behavior (the free trial) and product awareness stage.


To get the most from your email marketing, you need to segment your list according to the awareness stage, activity, demographics, and so on, and customer behavior.


In the next lesson, we will see stages of your prospect’s awareness and various scenarios about their behavior.