Best Free Resources for Email Marketing

Best Free Resources for Email Marketing

1)   Email Subject Line Tester 


2)   Email Spam Trigger Words Checker Tool

Free Email Spam Checker


3)   Email Deliverability Test


4)  HTML Email Gallery


5)   Email Marketing pre-launch Checklist


6)   Email marketing ROI Calculator


7)  Email Accessibility Tools


  • Autoresponder


Every online marketer needs to build a mailing list, which means you need a good autoresponder/email service provider. Look for features such as:


  • Statistics/data so you can track your campaigns.
  • Automation, so you can effortlessly add and delete select prospects from r your lists.
  • Segmenting, so you can boost your list response.
  • Design features such as opt-in templates so that you don’t need to do any coding yourself.


Stick to the well-known and reputable autoresponders.