Don’t make these mistakes on social platforms

Don’t make these mistakes on social platforms


Many people use social platforms for their business. I am one of them. Maybe you are too.


Some of them have success, and some do not.


What is the difference in their approach?


Imagine this

You got a friend request on your social platform and accepted it. Immediately after it, you get an automated or personal message to buy something, join some program, or subscribe to the list.


What will you do?

If you are like me, you will ignore the message.



I don’t know the person.

I don’t know the product/service/program.

Why should I believe in their claims?


Now imagine this

You got the friend request on your social platform and accepted it

You got the thank you message for accepting it


After several days the person likes or comments on your post

After that, he mentioned you in some of their posts

Then ask you if you want their freebie in the private message

Then ask you if you need additional help when you receive it

and over time, you become friends with that person


Now you start a communication, ask them for recommendations, and offer them your product/service/program…


Chances they will buy/join you are much bigger this time.


And now imagine this.

You got the friend request on your social platform and accepted it

And nothing happened

You didn’t contact them. They didn’t contact you.

You don’t read their posts. They don’t read yours.

You are not interested in their offers. They are not interested in yours.


This is equal to an untargeted audience.

You have followers who are not interested in your offers/programs/services.



Now, what do you think?

Why does someone have results, someone doesn’t?

Why does someone have followers and someone doesn’t?



The ones that have results build their network 10-15 minutes a day every day

The others put everything on automation and wait for the results


In which group do you want to belong?


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